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Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

starring Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson
I first read about the title was from Raditya Dika's tweet in twitter. He's the funny blogger who became the true writer, even his fifth novel was released a few months ago. I guess I had to watch this coz someone like LIKE the movie. Okay, so I picked this movie last time I went to rental movie.
if you want a love story? no, it's not a love story. if you want a hot and exciting story? errr, no it's not like that. cause the movie's truly making-the-audience-sleep-in-a-few-minutes thing. 
actually I am someone who is attracted to rent movies by seeing their covers. yeah, if it's interesting I'd pick it up. if not, well, maybe later... next 100 years I'd pick it. haaaaa, believe it or not, I havent watched AVATAR by James Cameron. they said it's spectacular, magnificent, a movie of this decade or whatever. nah, I'm not gonna watch blue-yellow-spotted thing who rode a weird dragon or something.
this movie cover's not really revealing what movie it is. I was just surprised that the main character was Bill Murray. yeah, that old one. I think it's.... em, younger. the cast, I mean. and the woman character is ScarJo (I saw in some magazine that she's now called ScarJo). Harris (Murray) was a famous movie star whose universally known, he starred action movies like the Expendables, the one with guns, exploading cars, and lot of racing. He went to Japan because some beer/wine company made him the brand ambrassador. his face was always tired, exhausted, and bored. he definitely didnt speak Japanese. and he found this country only made him bored. one day he met this Yale-fresh-graduated girl, Charlotte, she's in Japan because she followed his husband who worked as photographer in Japan. wah, she's even more bored than Harris. every the sun rose, she would only sat by the window of her hotel with folded legs and... doing nothing. she didnt have certain thing to do. no occupation, hobbies, or anything to entertain herself there. I'm sure she's bored to death. when she met him, she felt... accompanied. she wasnt alone in this strange country. they began to fill each other days. (did I mention that Harris has married too?) they didnt do things much except drinking in hotel's bar, going into karaoke (singing booth), or walking aimlessly. totally POINTLESS. the scenes were plain. ah, why should I pick it?

the more I think what the movie tells about, I get more confused. I have to quote from wikipedia: "The movie explores themes of lonelinessalienationinsomniaexistential ennui, and culture shockagainst the backdrop of a modern Japanese cityscape." 

movie ratings: 0 out of 5 stars (ah,, sorry, just not my movie type)

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