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cold as ever

have I told you that I love cold? Cold drink, cold weather, cold water for bath (not in the morning please :p), cold... err, but not cold heart.
it's been raining recently. last Monday was rain all the time. I recalled moment when I was at school, the class was over but it poured so hard. so I just sat at the hall and watching for the rain. Prisil in my right and Sonja in my left. Prisil was so upset because she received texts for someone in the past who had ruined her past once, so she didnt enjoy the rain. Sonja, was just like me, watching the water fell and I'm sure she's thinking about someone in far away. Hahaha, Son, why dont you trying to get closer to him? you have his skype, right? and he CALLED you FIRST last time. awww, it's so cute. 
the rain made me shiver and yet I love that. dunno why, but rain always... emm, bring me some feeling that familiar. I love the smell, I love the chill spreading all over my body, and the breeze... well, with a cup of coffee and classic novel on the lap, it's perfect.

the pic was taken by Prisil

taken by me (my school building, it's mushola over there)

never forget this moment.. it's rarely rained whole day here :( in fact I really love raining :D

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Vilda Witaria mengatakan...

nice pics :) uhh i love rainy days as well ♥