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love story

last year, I heard an amazing love story from my mom and she heard it before from her friend, this story came from her niece. okay, it's confusing but still it's a real story. more or less it's like this...

there was a boy and a girl who has been a couple since they're in early senior high school. they never got separated or anything but when it came to time they entering college, the boy disappeared. even the girl didnt know where he actually was. they lost contact and all that. of course, the girl felt devastated but she did move on. she hung out with this other boy.
years go by, and the other boy proposed the girl. well, they've been together for so long, from college and then they already settled, got job and everything, and he wanted to marry her, his lover. but the girl refused. yes, she REFUSED. I dunno why, maybe she feels something denying inside her. she denies that that other boy is 'the one'.
and then, perhaps you can guess.. the girl met the boy again. and in the end, THEY GOT MARRIED. 
ooooh, it's sweet, isnt it? it's like, you yourself already had this alarm inside you, and when you're not with the right guy then the bell inside you rang the rejection sign and you leave it immediately. you dont know yet what's before you and what comes to you next. and when you're with the right guy, you just know, because the bell rang happily inside you.

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