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Little Manhattan

love isnt about ridiculously little words
love is about grand gestures

love is about airplane playing banners over stadium
propose in giantvideotron,
giant words in skyriding

love is about going in extreme miles even though it hurts
letting it all hang out there
love is about finding courage in sudden that you dont know it's there

love is  an ugly and terrible bussiness practice by fools
it will shape in your heart and make you bleeding on the floor
what is it you really get in the end?
nothing but a few incredible memories that you cant ever shake

the truth is there's gonna be other girls out there
I mean, I hope
but I'll never gonna get another first love
that one is always gonna be her

-from Little Manhattan movie (recomended juvenile love movie)-

2 komentar:

RepublicOfChic mengatakan...

I LOVE this post. So well written. I wish I could understand your language for more posts :)

Much admiration from India :)

angie mengatakan...

thanks soooo..

I quoted from movie, honestly my english isnt that well :$ ;p