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poem from 'mamimoma' novel

Dear Christopher Ray
come to think of it
life is ironically funny.
I slammed the door at your face,
but my nose go thit instead.
I kicked you out of my life,
but I was the one who felt rejected.
I ripped your heart,
but I was the one who lived with the pain.
I killed you,
but I was the one who died.
I wanted nothing to do with you,
but here I am, waiting for you to come back.
I didn't want to love you,
but now I'm looking back over my shoulder
wishing that I could turn back the time

2 komentar:

tiw tiw mengatakan...

hehehe.. jadi pengen ngekeh.. :D

angie mengatakan...

hue? kok gitu? kenapa sih, kenapa?