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let me tell you something ...

My friend and I shared our story bout our lives after high school (HS). Yeah, but it's more like she DID share her story, hehe.
I remember we frequently made fantastic imagination bout our Prince Charming. Once she admitted that she couldnt cross the street safely by herself and I have proven it by myself, she's bad at it, she nearly hit by motorcycle if I didnt pull her at right time.
Nah, we pictured a future boy for her who was tall and good-looking with glasses, wore white sneakers, and would stand beside her and led her to cross the street, and so on. We just giggled madly at those imagination. Unfortunately I just made fantastic imagination for her, not for me.
And you know what? It did come true. Last time we met she told me bout this boy who was beside her and led her to cross the street (minus glasses and sneakers). And also UNDER THE RAIN. How could it be more romantic than that?
And for me, haha, I just listened to her and commented here and there without telling mine. I havent met him (P.C). YET.
Okay, I know. This is my real problem, kicking out every guy who wants to approach me. Coz in my mind already printed one name, already saved one figure. And no matter what I couldnt just press 'delete' button and buzzzzz he'll be gone just like that. No, it doesnt run like that. Like in Granny's blog I'd love to forget all about him or amnesia or something like that. I cant do it while I am really conscious..
Haha. I'm babbling.

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