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Review on Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

I finished reading Fahrenheit 451 last week and I could say that I liked it.
But today, someone on tumblr reblogging the post that they don't like it. And I am like, what, with my eyes almost jumped off the socket. I literally try to see it from different perspective, how can you not like from the book?
Btw, I read it on Bookmate, so I don't have the image of the hard copy. 

quote: I'm going yo do something. I don't know yet,
but I'm going to do something big. 

The book is classic one. Dated back in 1953. Pretty old huh? But unlike Catcher of the Rye, I can still enjoy the writings. Sorry if I offend anyone, but the writings on COTR is pretty much the same like Princess Diaries. I don't mean to be disrespectful to the COTR (because it's the pioneer and all, it is included on Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once) but the writing flows too wide that my head cant handle at the moment.
Plus, I cant relate to the character at all. So, I ditch it after finished 14% it.
So, Fahrenheit 451 is the book that is compiled from 3 different short stories. I respect the writer so much because he can mix his different stories to be one great book. Actually, I usually don't do spoiler but I will change my mind now.

Montag, the main character, is a fireman of his times. Instead of putting out the fire, Montag and his crew is starting the fire. The fire to burn the book, the house, and the owner. Book is recited as the virus, the plague, the beginning of something catastrophic. The firemen, under the government order, burn all the books and throw the owner into the jail. But most of the time, the owner choose to die along with their books. 
Book, fiction or not, is deemed as the one who makes people think and act upon their own benefit. And it is unforgivable to have one. 
Government rules on their brain-less citizen who only do things based on what they're told to. If the government say the citizen wear green on Monday, simply because they say so, the citizen will do that. The firemen put the spy around the neighborhood and hunt down anyone who posses books. Any kind of book. 

I see that this country has recruited some citizen to think like this. Even, I got goosebumps from reading this book. Because I could relate sm on this. This critical idea was born on the 1953, it's like Bradbury had the vision of the future. 
We enter the dangerous era. I wish every one of you, who read this review, can pick the right choice. Read more or swallow whatever the authority tells you to.

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