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00.00 by Anwita Citriya

Spending much times on askfm several years ago (we speak of 2-3 years back), I prettt much know the people with a little bit more famous than average askfm user. Anwita Citriya is one of them. She is known as a girl with  'different' taste in art. She likes this dark enchanting things. People who come to her page, usually ask for manga and movie recommendation and she'll give them that evokes eerie feelings. I dont think I've come across someone like her in any platform that I use. Askfm has this bunch of diverse people with unique traits. But not the kind who just boast around and give negative vibes (at least not the one I follow) but the ones who know what they talk about. And I think, well she's good. Plus, her drawing is flawless. 

She occasionally shares her artwork, piece by piece. Until now, 2017, she releases her self-produced graphic book. Consists of 3 stories that most of you normally experience in life.

I become curious whether she drew it manually or something. Because as long as I follow her askfm, she always had this pen on her hands then made something. Citriya admitted that she drafted the pictures manually, scanned them, then edited them together digitally.
Citriya wanted to test the water by self-producing this very first book. Before I purchase, I was hooked by the mentions of 'free postcard'. I love postcards! Seems like so many people were interested buying the book.

This is what you got when you read it at night with dim light.

My friend scolded me because scared her. I updated instastory reading this book and zoomed in the pictures. Well,  this is how you read it! Thursday night , alone in your bedroom.

Anyway, it is really something to purchase the 1st book of your favorite author. Should I call her author? Or artist? Anyhow, she put her own autograph inside the book. I was thinking to ask her to do it but I kinda forget about it. Thank goodness, she did it. *grins*

Unfortunately, she's closed the 1st batch of the book. And she's eager to make new artwork for her 2nd book. Soon, I hope. She's really gifted with the talent of drawing. Not the cute drawing, but the one that gives you goosebumps. I really like the twist! 

Take a peep of her artwork in instagram (she usually announces her works here), tumblr, and askfm.

PS: I am currently obsessed with graphic book so yeah.


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