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Stop the Body Shame

Don't show too much skin, they say
It's too sexy, no, they say
But your tummy tho, they say
You need to tone down how much you eat gurl, they say

I've never feel fresh and my legs going strong like this after a few stretching and workout. But yes, I don't loose weight? This is odd. Back in few months back, it's easy to eliminate the fat by not eating dinner or skipping breakfast. Now, it's not as simple as that anymore. I should check out harsh cardio (run or treadmill)
I still have my breakfast, lunch, and dinner as the clock dings. I workout regularly but not that vigorous. The important thing is I am healthier than before, or so I thought (I skip the stairs down without feeling anxious I'll break my knee or anything). The metabolism ticks fine these days. I am grateful.
I don't like it when everybody gives lame thing about my body, it is weighing my mind. Then, it wears me down and my allergy will spike (anytime I got stress). Nope, I don't need allergic reaction anytime soon.

Body shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitudes toward another person's weight or size. It can also reach into the discrimination against individuals who may be overweight. (from bodyshaming)
Body shaming should be a crime. It will give people illness, both physically and mentally. 
I mean, who doesn't when the first thing people say to you in the first meeting after a looong time: "Wow you got some weight on!" or "Look atchu, fatty!" and the list grow on.
Bij, don't be so mean to me when (actually) you feel insecure of yourself.

My body, my rules, I say
Sexy is my middle name, I say
I got some fat and it is normal, I say
I eat what I want to eat, I say

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