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In the massive living room, Alea and Allen lingered around the house while the rest of their troops were having lunch out. Both of them just had their brunch and decided to stay home. Nothing much to do. 

Alea looked around the room and took the big wide cushion. She patted the thing then lied down on the red carpet with the cushion under her head. Allen raised his face from his smartphone and scooted to Alea’s side then joined Alea lying down beside her. They both stared on the woody ceiling. Alea took a long breath while Allen continued busying himself with his smartphone.

“Can I ask you something?” Alea started nonchalantly.
“Hmm, what is it?” Allen's eyes still glued on the screen.
“Do you like Elina?”
Allen jerked his head to Alea. Startled by the sudden question. The girl still stared into the ceiling, seemed relaxed.

Alea turned her head to Allen, 

“Isn’t it always like that? Proximity is everything, you know that?”
Allen rolled his eyes and continued playing with his smartphone.
“Proximity? What do you mean? I don’t get it. What you're tryin to say?”
“Well, you know... she’s pretty and brainy and all. Guys like a girl like that.”
Allen sneered. 
“What? Pretty and brainy?"
"Yep, both of you are single... You meet each other everyday... " 
Alea didnt seem to find the right words. She's just wondering if Allen...
“So, what about you? You’re single too,” asked Allen.
Alea snorted.
“Oh, I see, you like guys with dark complexion, I guess?” guessed Allen. 
“I like… Well, actually I don’t think I have a certain type though...,” 
Alea stopped in the middle, then continued,
“…maybe, I tend to like guy physically attractive but they don’t have to be dark or fair skin.”
“You do? So, do you think I’m attractive or not?”
Alea turned her head casually to Allen and looked at him in the eyes. Trying to weigh something. 
“Yeah. Don’t you think you’re attractive?” Alea asked back.
Allen laughed. 
“You’re funny!”
Silence. The two of them drowned into their own world while staring again into the ceiling.
“Actually, I’m attracted to you,” confessed Allen in casual tone.
Alea snorted again. 
“Me? Yeah. Hahahaha, you’re the one who is funny now.”
“No, I ain’t making a joke here. Seriously, Alea.”
Alea pouted and once again she turned her head to Allen. 
“Well, I think I am too.”
“You are what? Attracted to me?”
They’re both staring into each other eyes. Smiles broke into their lips at the same time. Alea nudged Allen’s rib tenderly. 
Allen’s still smiling and looking into Alea softly.


Alea opened her eyes. She stared into her room ceiling. The yellow light from the night lamp flooding the ceiling surface. It’s now 11.11 PM. She wondered if that scene really happened months ago, what would happen to with her now? She wondered if that person thinking about her too. Well, everything was just inside her head.

11.12 PM Alea shut down her phone and tried to get some sleep.

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HeeR mengatakan...

Hi, Angie! I'm following your blog now. This story is really good, I can picture Allen and Alea in my head. Love that! <3

dz angie mengatakan...

mbak hen, is that you? hehehehe
maacih lho, ini karangan sebelum tidur >.<