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Birthday in 2013!

Wow, I reach the age of 22!!! It sounds so… mature. 2 years ago when I turned 20, suddenly I felt so strange and stunned. Oh, now I am 22.
And I just found out Taylor Swift has song called 22. I repeated the song like hundreds time yesterday. The song is fun and the lyric is cute.
if you're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time
it's miserable and magical, oh yeah
everything will be alright
if we just keep dancing like we're 22
Yeah! It’s still like long way to go. I haven’t done anything yet and I really need to do something in this life. I’m grateful to be twenty-two. I don’t know why but I kinda feel that way. I’m grateful for everything I have. I wish all the best for my mom, my grandma, my relatives, my best pals, my friends, my neighbors, my favorite girlband and boyband, and everyone in the world.

Nothing particularly special in this 22. My friends came over and made a surprise party with two cakes (my favorite: Tiramisu from S-cake shop) then took a lot of pictures. (Hehehehe, that was special >.>My mom treated me delicious steak and mocca milkshake. My cousin (almost two years old), whom I often bicker with, kissed me in both cheek. No one told her so (to kiss both cheek, I mean), though. She was told that it’s my birthday and she gave me two kisses rightaway, haha.

Oh, also I’d like to wish happy birthday for Kim Jonghyun, the lead vocal of my favorite BB. He just had accident involving his nose fractured :”(( But now he’s recovering after the surgery. Get well soon!

And for EXO, who also had their 1st anniversary on April 8th, I just wanna say:

Well, okay. That’s it. Have nice days ahead ^.~

Stay young and keep smiling !! ^^

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Filia mengatakan...

Happy Birthday!

dz angie mengatakan...

Thanks ^^