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I am now in Solo, it's my second week of internship in one of mental hospital there. Luckily I got to hang out this weekend. It's so hard to convince one of my friend to go hanging out. 
So our friend/guide led us to Solo Square. We're not intended to do anything there (although XXI was tempted us to go watching there) and we ended buying J.Co and some books. I bought the Winter Traveler by Erza ST for myself. Because, of course, I like to read traveler's writing. They encourage us to do our own journey someday. 

Then we headed to the park, Balekambang. Woooow. It's amazing. I liked it there. I got to see and even touch animal that we're considered as deer. It's not only deer, there were also geese, ducks, hen, horse, and one animal which we didnt know what it is. It had pink and long neck and big feathery bottom, it's some kind of duck but it's not duck. Hmmm, it made weird sound occasionally. As if it's choking. Well. I nearly ran to the deer. It had semi-sharp hair body. Really tame, it allowed me to touch and caress him.

I hope we have this kind of park back in my hometown. It'll be fun to hang out in grass field with big trees, all green, surrounded by cute animal who dont jump away when we touch them. It'll increase O2 production right? The closest thing we have back in my hometown isn't that large. Sure, there's grass but not field. It also has trees but not that big. And no tame animals. Even there's no animals at all. 

Well, whatever. I need to enjoy all of this new surrounding for another 2 weeks. I hope I can have other fun outings to many places.

Happy fasting!

Bruno Mars - Count on  Me
Sistar - Loving U

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tour and travel di surabaya mengatakan...

selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa.. :D