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End of Year Questions

so, I kinda open my tumblr's dashboard and I found these question from magazine review. Suddenly I want to observe myself with those questions. You guys can try it too..

1. Three things that are most important to you in your life.

    my mom, my family, and my gadgets 
2. Something that makes you happy when you hear it.

    I can get something in my wish-list which is cost less or even for free.
3. If you were to express your feelings right now.

   I think I'm blessed.
4. Something you cannot resist buying.

    Food. And coffee.

5. A girl boy who will make you fall head over heels.

    check my post below :3
6. Three things that you wish from your girlboyfriend.

     Good-looking, humorous, nice smile.
7. The song you enjoy best amongst your recent music list.

    Pink - Fuckin' Perfect
8. Reveal a secret about yourself that you have never said before.

    I like babies? (I can't think of any secret I havent said before)
9. Three people you respect the most.

     My mom, people who strive for world piece, people who makes great music
10. Your life’s motto.

     Always be true to yourself and be positive.

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