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Avril's concert yesterday >> Ratri wanted to go but her dad didnt allow her to go.
2AM's showcase today >> Mami is (rather) their hardcore fan but she couldnt watch it and I still wonder why, in fact it's for free you know. She seemed so upset yesterday in twitter.

I hope when SHINee does come here (again) I'll be able to watch it >.< Maybe Tiwi can go with me so I dont have to be alone like what my Mom's worried about. Kekeke~ 
I'll save up. 
Or maybe SM Town, Sonya said she wanted to go to SM Town to watch DBSK (I dont know if she really meant it) but we can go with Tiwi and maybe Mami will go along. Who knows?

I saw this photo along with other photos, which is soooo cool, in my tumblr dashboard. SHINee for ELLE Girl Japan June's issue. I wonder if they'll ship this to Indonesia.
I guess not.

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