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April Melted to May

It’s me eating ramyeon at Ratri’s house. Novi and I sleepover her place last weekend. The others couldn’t make it. Prisil went back home, Tiwi had tight schedule (I’m not kidding, she’s the busy one), and Sonja just bailed, she’s stuck watching Semarang Carnival. You know how hectic was last Saturday night downtown. I wasn’t really tempted to watch it. it must be very very crowded and all that. Right?
So, the ramyeon wasn’t a joke. It’s bigger version of the usual instant noodle and it’s berry spicy. I finished it all, though.
Earlier before I ate the ramyeon, I chatted with Ochie on twitter. She updated about eating jajangmyeon (Korean black noodle?). for real??? Well that gave me a kick. So when Ratri asked me about eating instant ramyeon which she bought the other day, I didn’t hesitate… I was so eating it!
It’s only about my obsession about my future husband’s country.
(Okay, I know it’s not really going to happen, me marrying Choi Minho, I’m not insane)
But a dream is still a dream right? It’s a good one. I’ll hold on to it till I find my soul mate.

Anyway, the school is starting again this week. We had our mid-term test for the last two weeks. I guess I shall enjoy this half-semester.

4 komentar:

readhermind-dy mengatakan...

tampak enak itu makanannya :P

angie mengatakan...

enaaaak banget, highly recommended :p

OCHIOOO mengatakan...

beli ramyun dimana njii? sini ke jogja kita makan jajangmyun :9

angie mengatakan...

beuuuh, mi, pengen buanget tapi kapan ya ke jogja lagi TT
btw, ini mi instan beli di Carrefour