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coming of age - officially 20

Uaaaaah... I dont really believe I'm 20. It's so..... old. kekekeke~
I remember one scene in Hello Baby with SHINee, Jonghyun's birthday moment, it said that in age 20 which is coming of age (I dont really know what it is) you receive 3 kinds of gift: roses, perfume, and kiss.
I only need the latter. Kekekeke~

Anyhow, I got really amusing surprise party. Minho came to my surprise party...
It's from Juliette era? His long and straight hair plus big smile and adorable eye smile.
Of course there's someone else under those picture. Haha, he's our leader class, Arman. Thanks for wearing that mask xDD he's always comical.
I practically runaway from him when he jumped out to me wearing that mask. Now that mask is saved in my room kke~
Muti, Sonja, Prisil, Arman, Tiwi, Ratri, me, Novi

Such a blessing day. It's not raining like the yesterdays, wiiiiii. 

Thanks, girls and leader class for bringing 'Minho' to my birthday and made it fun. 

I had kimbab for dinner yesterday with Mom in foodcourt. It's eatable but not really tasty. It's also messy. The rice wasnt properly stuffed. It's okay, I'll eat the original kimbab in original place someday, huiiiii~ amin.

I hope everything will run smooth for me, Mom, my family, my friends, and their families. I get the best for everything. Amin.

나에게 생일 축하 Happy birthday to myself

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readhermind-dy mengatakan...

happy belated birthday ;)

angie mengatakan...

thanks a lot :)