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Everybody's Fine

Cast: Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale

Frank is a widower who lived alone and his wife has passed away for 8 months. The house was big and I love the garden. I also like the view from the big window beside the garden. Anyway, he has 4 kids who lived separated. They went for their own problem, and Frank was someone who was worried much so their kids usually don't tell him anything but the good news. There came time when they were supposed to come to their dad's house but they didn't make it. And Frank decided to come to their kids instead. He traveled alone although his doctor forbade him,  he had weak heart, that's why. And in the end of his trip he learnt something.
'You never give a hard push to your kids. It's never turned out well.'

this movie gives me this warm feeling covered in my heart when seeing an old man struggling to see their kids doing fine but it doesn't end as he expected. You don't ever think what you should get for, but think what you can give. :)

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