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okay, it's Sunday which means I've been back from Jogja for maybe not more than 24 hours. when I was in the Joglosemar and about to head back to Semarang, we heard rumors that there's eartquake going. what?? I didnt feel anything. it's weird. but after that Ochie's texting Ade that the eartquake's centre was in Bantul which was far from I was at that time. no wonder I didnt feel anything. I hope there's no harm done. :)

well, like I thought it'd like before. I was tired and exhausted. first, our destination was Tamansari. at this place, the sun shone hot and hotter. next we went to Malioboro. it's really hot outside and my face's fell. after that we drove ourselves to Vredeburg where I lied down and slept for a half an hour. yes, I WAS SLEEPING. inside the Museum was cold and comfy and everything. plus it's only the four of us in the museum. after a half an hour, I was recharged and ready to walk again. instead Ruru did the same, sleeping, only for 10-15 mins. I know Ade's exhausted too but she didnt show it.

we broke our fasting in the Campus Mosque, I only drank a bottle of aqua and a plate of batagor after that. at 7.00 we were ready to come home.

okay, it's the best trip coz we did it together. thanks Mami for your time and your kindness to lend us a motorcycle. we wait for your coming home :DD

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