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just yesterday, April 8th, I was officially nineteen :D. I got surprises, a perfect choco cake, hilarious girl friends, and another injured leg, left leg. I already had my left ankle injured d day before. haha, that was bad luck for my left foot. but it's okay..
THANKS, DUDES. for making my birthday fabulous. for those who wished me happy birthday. for my family, especially Mom, for d presents. smooch....

I stayed up late till the day changed from 8 to 9. just in... case.. hehe.. silly me

I pray I can graduate in 3 or 3,5 years in college
I hope I can find perfect job after that
I want an SLR cam xp
I want macbook.. whoaa
I want...
I want my prince charming back X)

long live, Ngie !

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