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Twilight Saga person through and through

I played a few Facebook Quizes last time. I'm Twilight Saga person through and through. x))

'What is my love story?' Twilight

your independent and you have never really thought about falling in love until you meet the perfect person while there are some differences between each other, you realize you cant live without him and wonder how you did before he came into your life.

'What cullen boy is right for you?' Edward Cullen is the right guy for you because he can always put a smile on your face, he protects you, hes always with you, and he tells you everything! (suits me well)

'What is your perfect hairstyle?' Short and pixie. you are edgy and have a lot of fun you don't need long locks to get in your way of looking beautiful your punk! (kind of Alice? Oh, fine)

'What is your vampire power?' Reading minds, You knew every one well enough when you were human that now that you are a vampire you can read their minds you can read everyone's mind now but you can't read shields. (exactly like Edward. Awesome)

'What is your vampire name?' Evalina. You spend your days wishing that you were human. You don't like hurting people, and wonder why you chose to become this way. Your love is a human, and not because he smells good. Your rose is Pink and means, Grace and Compassion. (I don’t get it)

'What Greek Goddes are you?' You are Aphrodite! The Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Like Aphrodite you love to express yourself in many ways. You like to share the love and when it comes to love itself, you're very passionate. You're as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Many people are either envious of you or wish to be you. Know that you may cause squabbles between lovers, but as long as you stand you're ground, love will always flow in your life. (Greek goddess. Well, Edward looks like Adonis, one of Greek God. ah, I just try to relate this unsuccessfully)

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